The monthly FVNCI Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Thursday, Aug. 12, at the home of Bob Zolto (#1518 FVD). The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. and all interested residents of Fairway Village are invited to attend.


Moving in or out? A guide how to get moving vans safely in and out of Fairway Village can be found here.

Yards We all want the street to look attractive and welcoming. An unsightly yard detracts from the street’s overall appearance. In addition, the CC&Rs mandate that each lot owner remove trash and weeds from their yards. Attached is a relevant excerpt from the CC&Rs section on General Restrictions. If anyone wants help in doing this, Raul Ortega, who does the landscaping for the street, can be reached at 621-8145.

Garages In the warm weather, there have been instances in which snakes have gone exploring in open garages. In an effort to prevent this, and additionally to improve the aesthetics of the street, we would like to ask everyone to keep their garage doors closed as much as possible.

Trash Cans: Trash cans should be placed near the street no earlier than Sunday evening and removed as soon after pickup on Monday as possible.

Message From the Board: The FVNCI Board of Directors would like to inform homeowners in Fairway Village of steps that have been taken in response to the concerns of many residents regarding renters in Fairway Village.

Information Sheets and Procedures have been developed for those Fairway Village properties which are being rented. These procedures intend to

a) inform renters of important Fairway Village guidelines

b) inform absentee homeowners of situations when their renters are violating subdivision CC&Rs.

A ‘Renters Packet’ has been developed for this purpose, consisting of the following documents (which can be found on the Documents page):

· Information Sheet about Fairway Village Neighborhood Council, Inc.

· Guidelines for All Fairway Village Residents (Owners and Renters)

· Amended and Restated Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the Fairway Village Subdivision

· Form Letter to Be Sent to Homeowners Informing Them of Renter CC&Rs Violations

This ‘Renter’s Packet’ is being disseminated to:

a) All Fairway Village homeowners, in particular, those renting out their property

b) The renters of Fairway Village properties

c) Rental Property Managers of homes in Fairway Village and Realtors seeking to rent Fairway Village properties.

It is the opinion of FVNCI Board Members that distribution of this Renters Packet will diminish misunderstandings and promote happier renters and homeowners.