All Owners of Lots/Homes in Fairway Village are automatically members of the Fairway Village Neighborhood Council, Inc.

• The Common Areas in this subdivision are the private roadway of Fairway Village Drive, the north and south entry gates, the lift station pumps, walking paths, parks at the north and south entrances, drainage ponds, drainage channels and traffic circles.

• The Design Control Standing Committee for Fairway Village:

o Regulates and approves the design of all houses, walls, fences and front-yard landscaping, as well as additions and alterations.
o Exercises its best judgment in assuring that all construction conforms to and harmonizes with the design theme of the subdivision.
o Monitors all construction ensuring that trash and debris are disposed of properly and that no damage is done to the common areas or neighboring properties.

• Pets are allowed in Fairway Village with the following rules:

o Dog barking is discouraged outside the house to the extent that the average person would find annoying.
o All pets must be kept on a leash and are not allowed to run at large.
o Dogs should be properly curbed and their droppings picked up and disposed of by their owners

•All residents shall engage the Mesilla Valley Disposal Company (575-647-9094) to collect their trash. Pickup day is Monday. Residents shall place their trash in the bin provided by MVDC. Bins should be removed from the street once the trash has been collected and not left outside gates and/or garages where they can be seen from the street.

• Each homeowner/resident is responsible for removing all weeds and trash from his/her property and disposing of it properly in either a trash bin or compost pile. Burning weeds or trash anywhere within Fairway Village is not allowed.

• Our community does not tolerate obnoxious or offensive activities or any activity that constitutes a public nuisance.

• Under our CC&Rs, advertising or political signs or billboards are not allowed. The only exception to this is real estate signs.

• The neighborhood needs to ensure the safe passage of motor vehicle traffic, pedestrians and emergency response vehicles on the Fairway Village Drive right-of-way. Therefore:

o Vehicles may be parked on the street for up to 5 hours only with NO over-night street parking.
o No vehicles may be parked on the common areas, on empty lots or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
o For Loading and unloading only, cars, campers, RVs, boats, trailers, commercial-type vehicles or trucks may park for a maximum of 12-hours.

Full Fairway Village CC&Rs here

Full Fairway Village By-Laws here

Guidelines for Owners and Renters here

Form letter for Owners concerning violations by renters here

Lift Station letter here


There was no 2021 Annual Meeting because of COVID-19 restrictions.    

Minutes of January 2018 Board Meeting here



Minutes of Previous Years here